Corporate retreats

From the beginning, our dream was to host leadership gatherings with companies that inspire us to do great things.  We feel proud to host both big and small giants - folks doing great things in the world.

Located less than 2 hours north of San Francisco, Campovida is the perfect getaway for an intimate small-town experience.  We host corporate think tanks, and team-building events on our sprawling family-loved certified organic farm, and working vineyard.  Our clients love having exclusive access to the property while disconnecting from distractions at the office.  After meetings, your team may choose to sleep amongst our vines in farmhouse-modern rooms.  Onsite catering available. Relax, breathe deep, and come create an outstanding vision for your next project.

View our current Campovida Hopland Corporate Retreats and Gatherings Packet.

If you're looking for a space closer to the city, our Taste of Place in Oakland is spacious enough for real conversations, and interactive team-building.

View our current Campovida Oakland Corporate Retreats and Gatherings Packet.




Hopland (The Farm & Winery)
13601 Old River Road
Hopland, CA. 94559
Phone: (707) 400 6300

Oakland (The City)
95 Linden Street
Oakland, CA. 94607
Phone: (510) 550 7273 Events Number: (707) 480-3367


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