We are a small winery with big dreams. We are passionate about making world class wines and hosting incredible events.  We believe in small, so you can pay attention to the details. We are obsessed with all things rooted in real - not tinkered or changed for the sake of fitting in.  

Our vineyards and farm are filled with nature’s abundance, and that is why we call our home here in Hopland California, Campovida – field of life.  We welcome you to dream with us.  

Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field...I'll meet you there.  Rumi.


Wine Club

Pura Vida is a wish of pure life.  We share our wines with those in our membership community and we are truly grateful for the support in our efforts to deliver hand crafted world class wines.


Whether it is a wedding, corporate offsite or a customized retreat – Campovida offers beautiful spaces to gather to create moments that will last a lifetime.


We are a family business created by Gary & Anna, along with our daughters, Faith & Gabriella and our dog Buster.  We are farmers, we are makers, we are parents and we are friends. 


Our places are designed to move you from the moment you breathe the air, sit amongst the sounds and immerse yourself within the space. 


Select from our handcrafted, limited production wines, and other Campovida farm fresh products at our Taste of Place or at our online store.


There are not enough words to describe the tastes of our wines, the beauty of our spaces, the wildness of nature and the kindness of our team… so we will try to express through these the images and films below.

Upcoming Events


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