Our Story


Gary and Anna never planned to be in business together...they had planned on making a life together.  A life that they could be proud of, that their children would be proud of and that would leave a legacy of beauty and kindness.  That is what they are up to at Campovida.

Gary and Anna never expected to be making wines at Campovida. And although the property was famous for its Fetzer family heritage and beautiful organic vineyards, the winemaking was done elsewhere.  Gary knew that in order for the property to really thrive, Campovida would need to focus on crafting world class wines of Mendocino County from our small village of Hopland.  Therefore they got busy, making world class wines.

At Campovida, we believe in tending to the earth so that all our children have it for their children and their children's children.  We therefore, source from like-minded farmers.  Those farmers are using organic and biodynamic processes.  We are proud to source all our grapes from within Mendocino county - a county rich with organic roots.

In our dedication to produce high quality wines, we tend to every step of the winemaking process.  We seek and partner with growers who are stewards to their vineyards. Every choice is an expression of how much we care.  This is true for all that we produce.