Developer of Possibilities

From the moment Gary discovered the land we now call Campovida, it was love at first sight.  With anything you fall in love with, it takes passion, commitment, sweat and tears.  Gary breathes life into all the spaces whether in the fields or barns in Hopland or the rustic building in Oakland.  With his background in real estate, he truly a developer of possibilities.

Gary has always been most alive outside amongst the sounds of nature, in the sunshine, rain, wind and mud.  He loves it best when he comes home exhausted from an honest days work.  He is always exploring new frontiers like winemaking in Mendocino County and the reclaiming of Oakland and the village of Hopland.

Gary has "retired" from Ironman triathlons, his new triathlons involve planting trees, creating plant starters, restoring old barns and wandering the fields.  If he was a wine, it would be our estate Sangieovese - both for its heritage and for its full bodied richness.  

anna beuselinck

Life Gardener

Anna's mom always said, "The best gift you can give is a smile." She tries to follow that advice in life.

You will most likely find Anna in the garden, the Taste of Place, at the Piazza, in the barn, in Oakland, in the office, in the chicken coup - anywhere her teammates need her, she will be there. Otherwise, she is trying to keep up with her husband, partner and best friend, Gary, their two daughters and their loyal companion Buster.  Her role at Campovida has been to tend to the gardens of life - all things involving our guests and members.

Anna loves photography, weeding, collecting chicken eggs and most simple things in life.  She is an Executive Coach and co-founder of the DO Lectures USA.  If she was a wine, it would be our Rosé di Grenache - intentionally picked early that is both dry and light - a welcoming wine.

Adam johnson


Passionate about making wines of Mendocino County, Adam brings both the art and science to perfect the beauty in the bottle.  

Born and raised in Northern California, he made his way to south to attend University of California, San Luis Obispo, for Viticluture and Enology.  After Adam earned his degree, he felt the need to return to his Northern California roots, moving back to Sonoma County to pursue his career as a winemaker and became a student of life and winemaking.

He has worked along side many great winemakers and when he joined Campovida, he was poised to create his own path of passion in making world class wines.  

He shares his passion and knowledge with generosity in every interaction.

Adam may seem quite, but he will make you laugh out loud.  If he was a wine, it would be our Pinot Noir - a flavorful yet subtle world class wine - truly special and award winning.

2016-06-23 14.43.16 (1).jpg


Experience Creator

Aimée came to us  as a summer intern. It was a beautiful sunny day and her disposition was the same.  She has been shining ever since.  Aimée has a quiet confidence and curiosity that is contagious.  She is warm, thoughtful, creative and calm.  Over the three summers that she interned, she built her experience of what is possible in the fields at Campovida.  She can help create the dreams you are imagining.  

We are grateful that Aimée has returned "home" to work with us to help Campovida shine...she will make you want to shine too. If she was a wine, she would be the Cuvée Brut, because they both have a sparklé and shiné to them!



jen team 2.jpg

Jen Holmes

Oakland Pura Vida Purveyor

Jen will welcome you with a warm smile and a glass of wine.   You will feel at home and part of a community, because you are and Jen knows how to create a sense of belonging.  Her passion for wine, memorable experiences and meaningful friendships makes for an amazing team player at Campovida.  Oakland is lucky for have such a spirit in their town.

If she were a wine it would be the Dolcetto, which means "little sweet one" - and because it is such a beauty with a long-lasting impression.





Chief Greeter

Like his owners, he can be overly friendly and a bit stubborn...and he loves meeting new friends. His favorite activities are napping, swimming and chasing any wildlife in his backyard.  He is an optimist and believes in happiness.

If he were a wine, he would be a Nero d'avola -  a more rare Italian varietal, dark fruit and well balanced.  We cherish every moment with Buster.

Allen hopkins

Peaceful Warrior

Allen is called our Peaceful Warrior, which also translates to our Ranch Manager in Hopland.  He can be found early in the morning, letting the chickens out and late at night, helping guests find their way to their cars.  He is handy with a hammer, a tractor and a kind word to make Campovida grow.  He has been key in the rebuilding and reclaiming of the buildings, barns and gardens.  He has lifted his weight in gold and helped in ways you could not have imagined when you live on a farm.  

If he was a wine, it would be the Terra Rossa, our Super Tuscan - because he himself is a super hero to us all. 


Sharon Haag

Experience Guide

Sharon had us at "hello" - she is just that person.  She is a team player, a burst of positive energy, a doer, a curious learner. No task is too big or too small and she accomplishes them all with a radiant smile and kind heart.  Being an experience guide at Campovida means you are learning aspects of every field of the organization and property.

If she were a wine, she would be the arneis or "little rascal" because she is a rare find.

Ken Boek

Voice of Nature

We met Ken in the back of the garden when we were first looking at moving to Hopland.  It was a memorable moment.  From that experience, we wanted to make sure everyone had the same kind of lasting impression of Campovida.

Ken will share stories, Mother Nature's secrets, and pair the wines with the garden's seasonal delights.  You will fall in love with Ken like we have.

If he were a wine, he would be our Sangieovese -  a more rare Italian varietal, found in the vineyard at the back of the garden.  There is so little of this rare you can see why it reminds us of Ken, rare and from the garden.

alycia team.jpg

Alycia Lang

Oakland Tasting Guide


Jonah ryan

Tasting Host

Jonah can bring a smile into a room just with his presence.  He has a lifetime of stories and shares them effortlessly.  He will share his experiences and make you feel at home, while tasting Campovida's world class wines of Mendocino County.

Jonah is happy to host guests and take them on a tour of the property.  He is a constant source of inspiration for leaving things better than you found them.

If he was a wine, he would be the Campo di Blanca, our blend of our neighbor's grapes and our estate grapes...because he has a way of making you feel like you are at home.



Amy Pardini

Party Crasher