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Developer of Possibilities

From the moment Gary discovered the land we now call Campovida, it was love at first sight.  With anything you fall in love with, it takes passion, commitment, sweat and tears.  Gary breathes life into all of these spaces, whether in the fields or barns in Hopland; or the rustic building in Oakland.  With his background in real estate, he truly a developer of possibilities.

Gary has always been most alive outside amongst the sounds of nature; in the sunshine, rain, wind and mud. He loves it best when he comes home exhausted from an honest day's work. He is always exploring new frontiers like winemaking in Mendocino County and the reclaiming of Oakland and the village of Hopland.

Gary has "retired" from Ironman triathlons. His new triathlons involve planting trees, creating plant starters, restoring old barns and wandering the fields.  If he was a wine, he would be our estate Viognier - both for its heritage and for its simple yet complex nature.  

anna beuselinck

Life Gardener

Anna's mom always said, "The best gift you can give is a smile." She tries to follow that advice in life.

You will most likely find Anna in the garden, the Taste of Place, at the Piazza, in the barn, in Oakland, in the office, in the chicken coop - anywhere her teammates need her, she will be there. Otherwise, she is trying to keep up with her husband, partner and best friend, Gary, their two daughters and their loyal companion Buster.  Her role at Campovida has been to tend to the gardens of life - all things involving our guests and members.

Anna loves photography, weeding, collecting chicken eggs and most simple things in life.  She is an Leadership Development Coach and consultant and was the co-founder of the DO Lectures USA. She is a member of the 100+ Women Strong of Inland Mendocino.  If she was a wine, she would be our Rosé di Grenache - intentionally picked early with a character that is both dry and light - a welcoming wine.



Stock Farm Manager

Passionate about creating meals from the farms of Mendocino County, Katie brings her experience to express the seasons on the plates.  

Katie is a local, born and raised in Mendocino County. She has worked along side the Campovida team for years and has shown a natural leadership which has been demonstrated throughout everything she manages. She is diligent, responsible, kind and hardworking. She always has a smile and willing to lend a hand.

When she is not at the Stock Farm, you may find her in our garden picking the seasonal fruits or vegetables. Or, you may find her walking her 3 dogs or tending to her horse. Farm girl for sure.

Katie will make you smile, while filling your belly with something delicious that she has crafted up in the kitchen..  If he was a wine, he would be our Vicino - which means neighbor, which is a special blend of Italian varietals and experimental in nature. Surprisingly approachable, yet very flavorful. 

Amy Pardini.jpeg

Amy Pardini

Gathering Guide

Amy is like sunshine on a cloudy day. She will warm your heart and fill you cup with sparkles.  Amy has an extensive background in creating memorable gatherings and helping couples and companies achieve their dreams.  She has a can do attitude with a love of people and our property.  

You will find Amy touring guests, partnering with amazing vendors, helping our Pura Vida members reserve their special room, taking care of the team like a mom, and providing free hugs. Besides managing all the aspects of Campovida's spaces, she spends her time taking care of her beautiful family.  Her love seems to multiply and never divides.

If she were a wine, she would be our Campo Di Blanca - a blend of home and neighborhood, shown in her welcoming and strong sense of character and ages more beautifully with time.






Hopland Hospitality

Brianna is a strength to Hopland and the Campovida family. She loves a challenge and likes to get results. She believes in the best in others and wants to help them succeed. She brings her life experience in handling all experiences in hospitality. She also spends her time trying to handle all things that the family throws her way. She is an amazing team player and incredibly trustworthy.

With a big smile and great sense of humor, she instantly makes people feel seen, the perfect pairing for someone who spends her days trying to ensure that we are ready for our guests. If she was a wine, she would be our newly released Montepulciano. Bold, unique and from just down the road.

Allen hopkins

Peaceful Warrior

Allen is called our Peaceful Warrior, which also translates to our Ranch Manager in Hopland.  He can be found early in the morning, letting the chickens out and late at night, helping guests find their way to their cars.  He is handy with a hammer, a tractor and a kind word to make Campovida grow.  

He has been key in the rebuilding and reclaiming of the buildings, barns and gardens.  He has lifted his weight in gold and helped in ways you could not have imagined when you live on a farm.  

If he was a wine, it would be the Terra Rossa, our Super Tuscan - because he himself is a super hero to us all. 



Heroic Host & Pura Vida Purveyor

You will find Jeffrey in Oakland, where he will help you feel at home immediately and share our beautiful wines. He is a trusted ambassador for Campovida in our city location. He has jumped in on so many unexpected turns and challenges, but has faced he one with great ease.

He has a dry sense of humor, a deep understanding of people and a kind, gentle soul. We promise if you stop in Oakland, you will want to stay. If he was a wine he would be our Estate Sangiovese , which grows proudly just across the pond, but always in our hearts.

Buster  Chief Greeter  Like his owners, he can be overly friendly and a bit stubborn...and he loves meeting new friends. His favorite activities are napping, swimming and chasing any wildlife in his backyard. He is an optimist and believes in happiness.  If he were a wine, he would be our Innamorarsi, grown right here on our estate vineyard - a late harvest Viognier that is super sweet and best enjoyed at the end of your day. We cherish every moment with Buster.


Chief Greeter

Buster was our best friend and faithful companion. He moved here after starting his beginnings in Oakland. When he arrived from the city to the farm, he couldn’t believe how much space he had to run. He chased squirrels, wild bunnies, foxes, sheep, flying birds and a few other unexpected wildlife friends.

Although he loved to greet others, he was less frequent in the fields as his dog years had caught up with him. His favorite place to be was in the grass under a great oak or redwood tree. He will always be part of the life in the fields.

If he was a wine, he would take after Gary - the estate Viognier, although the late harvest. Because it is a sweet wine and only gets better with time.


Fran Fernando Pena Valdez


Fran is our man. He will surely greet you in Hopland with a warm smile, and an offer to learn about our Campovida wines. Don’t let his quiet and gentle demeanor fool you, he is stealth like in his knowledge of the wines, food pairings, Mendocino County, baseball and many other subjects

Fran carries a note book with him of all the things he has to do for us at Campovida. This little note book is a chronicle of how much he has helped us focus, grow and continue to offer the best of the best, just like Fran. If he was a wine, he would be the Grenache. Our Grenache is grown just up the road, and is world class.

Ken Boek

Voice of Nature

We met Ken in the back of the garden when we were first looking at moving to Hopland.  It was a memorable moment.  From that experience, we wanted to make sure everyone had the same kind of lasting impression of Campovida.

Ken will share stories, Mother Nature's secrets, and pair the wines with the garden's seasonal delights.  You will fall in love with Ken like we have.

If he were a wine, he would be our Nebbiolo -  a more rare Italian varietal, found in the vineyard at the back of the garden.  There is so little of this rare you can see why it reminds us of Ken, rare and from the garden.