Private Tastings & Tours


With over 24 Italian and Rhone varietals, sourced from thoughtful growers of Mendocino County - we love sharing the details of the winemaking process.  Schedule a private tasting in Oakland or Hopland and we will pour through a selection of our award winning wines.  

When we first discovered the gardens in Hopland, they were forgotten.  It has taken years to reclaim and replant, but it only took us a second to fall in love with the beauty.  Since it is our backyard, if you want to visit our gardens in Hopland, we ask that you be a guest or member of Campovida.  Dive in with all your senses by arranging e a private taste and tour through our Hopland Taste of Place.  A stroll through our garden of gardens guides by with one of our team members is walk you will remember forever.  There are over 2000 plant varietals and many that we stop and taste along the way.  Sunset Magazine claimed it as "One of the top twenty places to visit during Spring."  We love every season and think you will too.




Hopland (The Farm & Winery)
13601 Old River Road
Hopland, CA. 94559
Phone: (707) 400 6300

Oakland (The City)
95 Linden Street
Oakland, CA. 94607
Phone: (510) 550 7273