We found the garden in 2010, after it was left untouched since 2006.  The garden was filled with thistles, years of leaves and a multitude of weeds.  The garden is more like a farm and continues to be a source of abundance - abundance of inspiration and hard work.  We set our sights on bringing back the land and all of its beauty in the soil and roots. 

The farm has over 500 of plants and trees including five hundred year old valley, cork oaks and California oaks as well as olive/pear/apple/plum/persimmon/pineapple guavas/peach/medlar/mulberry and other mature fruit producing trees  The 'garden of gardens' gained its name because of the variety and design of each sections all with the intention of allowing nature to flourish.  The abundance of plant and wildlife is a perfect place for our guest to learn about organics, food and wine pairing.

Our farm is host to our "ladies" - currently at 9 egg laying hens (the bob cat got 27 of them this year!)  They produce enough eggs for our family, as well as a few extra for our restaurant and if you are lucky for purchase.  They are able to run and range in the fields by the pond.  We feed them our scraps and they enjoy organic feed.  The gift us with most beautiful eggs of all colors and sizes.  It is a simple barter and exchange that seems to work for us all.

We also grow intentional vegetables, herbs and fruits for our restaurant, the Piazza de Campovida.  We source as much as we can straight from the farm and place it directly into the menu.  Local, organic and all within one mile.  It is hard to find this kind of   freshness and flavors in any restaurant.  We know how blessed we are and we like to share and educate others about the importance of tending to our planet Earth.  Your support of the farm, the Piazza de Campovida and Campovida allows for us to reinvest back into keeping this part of Northern California beautiful and wild.

"anyone who genuinely and consistently with both hands looks for something, will find it." rumi