2014 Estate Extra Virgin Sevillano Tuscan Blend (750ml)


2014 Estate Extra Virgin Sevillano Tuscan Blend (750ml)


Our Olive Orchard

Our Sevillano orchard is located in Corning, California and consists of over 1200 trees planted in the early 1900’s. We originally purchased the orchard to re-locate the beautiful 100-year old Spanish trees to Hopland. We have successfully transplanted 10 trees and they are thriving. Every year we harvest from 30-50 tons for both our pure Sevillano EVOO and also for curing. For those that do not know the Sevillano olive was originally planted in California for table olives. Few people produce EVOO due to the very low yields. We love the taste and quality and believe we need to share.

Harvest notes

2013 harvest season proved to be a challenging one in many ways and especially for our olives. A wet spring hindered fruit set and crop levels were lower than average, while a cooler than normal summer prolonged the growing season and the beginning of harvest was delayed by a couple of weeks. However, the weather was perfect for growing Spanish olives because of the cooler and more moderate summer temperatures that helped olives develop amazing flavors. The olives were hand harvested and crushed the same day using a stone mill, which produced only the finest unfiltered oil. This unique oil is 100% hand harvested and is loaded with antioxidants.

Producer's notes

Rich with heavy green olive flavors, with an intensity robust finish of freshness with fruit and pepper. It has an outstanding aromatic peppery flavor with a fruity rich fished, it is a deep muddled green and gold in color, with a full aroma on the nose. Use when exceptional olive oil flavor is desired for finishing dishes such as salads, sautéed vegetables, and rice or even over popcorn! A delightful appetizer of fresh bread dipped in the oil. Wine Pairings: Campovida 2012 Viognier and Campovida 2012 Grenache.

Orchard statistics

Appellation: Tehama County
Certifications: farmed organic
Olive Varieties: Sevillano (Spanish)
Year planted: 1900
Elevation: 350 feet
Orientation: East to west
Soil: Pinole Gravelly loam
Yield: 30-50 tons

EVOO Statistics

Harvest date: December 10, 2013
Color: green/purple/black (33% each)
Milling: Italian Stone Press-Corning Olive Oil, Corning, CA
Gallons produced: 500
Release date: March 2014

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